Essex Mama


Essex Mama...was started by a full-time Mama from Essex (surprisingly!!) who was desperate to put her twitchy creative hands to use again after a two year break. 

Feeling her wardrobe needed a bit of a lift, she updated an old white tee with a 'GIRL GANG' logo as she couldn't find one anywhere online to buy. After a little unintentional Instagram selfie, messages came flooding in from folk wanting to know where the tee came from and that is where Essex Mama...begins!

The tees are all designed to promote good vibes, togetherness & empowerment. You are not alone. Not you, not me, not anyone.  

Enjoy your tees, and thank you to the moon and back for your support! 

Keep the 'GIRL GANG' vibes alive! 'Girl Gang For Life' xx

Selected photography on this website is by Chelmsford Photographer Kika Mitchell Photography. Please do not use without permission. Thank you.